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We know guys today often like to wear distinctive looks to suit their mood; this might be classic work-mode styling, casual looks for down-time or super-sporty styling for days when it’s all about using up energy. Women have long been experts at changing their style to match the occasion, now it’s becoming clear, men do the same!

So we’ve got together with our Bed Head for Men team to show you how you can adapt your style to suit your mood. We’re inspired by street-wise men who have grown up but retained their rebellious streak. So if you’re excited by style and enjoy the experience of using premium products, then you’ll soon find you can’t exist without Bed Head for Men.

The 3 NEW Bed Head for Men looks perfectly illustrate the versatility of the range, giving you distinctive looks with wide appeal. The mood is grown-up, showing an element of maturity whilst retaining the fun side of life. It’s not about being boring, quite the opposite in fact. It’s all about being daring and adventurous, masculine and focused. These are styles for guys who will never lose their ‘edge’, they’ll just become more polished!

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