As with all professional hair colour products, there is a very small chance of experiencing an allergic reaction during hair colouring. In certain rare cases these can pose a serious risk to health, so it is important that you understand how to minimise the risk of experiencing an allergic reaction.

We have produced two short safety education films designed for colourists and their clients – view them using these links:

Colour-Wise_445x345_1 Colour-Wise_445x345_2

Here we answer the most common questions regarding hair colour safety – if you still have questions after reading these, please call the TIGI customer services team on 08448440940.

If you think you are experiencing an allergic reaction after colouring your hair (e.g. itchy skin/scalp, swelling to the eyes/face/body, blistering or skin burning/sores), seek immediate medical attention.

Is hair colour safe to use?

Hair colour has been extensively studied and its safety has been repeatedly confirmed by independent scientists and global regulatory authorities. Everyday millions of people across the world use professional hair colour products safely and effectively. People can use hair colour with confidence when all instructions are followed correctly, including TIGI’s recommendation of having an Allergy Alert Test at least 48 hours before the hair is coloured.

I’ve heard that some of the chemicals used in hair dye can cause an allergic reaction. Is this true?

Oxidative hair colour contains essential dye ingredients that are potent skin sensitisers. Although TIGI products do not contain the ingredient PPD, they do contain similar dyes that can cause allergies. This means that a small but significant number of consumers will experience allergic reactions; some of which could be severe. Therefore, to help predict a potential reaction, TIGI recommends an Allergy Alert Test is conducted by the salon using the exact shades that will be used at least 48 hours before the hair is coloured.