Take control of your client’s colour with AGE DENIED rejuvenating permanent hair colour.

Powered by revolutionary AGE DENIED Rejuvenating and Collagen+ Complexes to rejuvenate whilst colouring hair from within. The pre-blended shades provide up to 100% convenient, no-fuss, coverage on 50% non-pigmented.

Designed to create multidimensional through to intense coverage results with skin-flattering effects. An optimised, cream-gel consistency helps to ensure spreadability and saturation.

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19 commercial intermixable shades* *Fully intermixable within AGE DENIED range

10/32 extra light golden violet blonde
9/31 very light golden blue blonde
9/4 very light copper blonde
8/34 light golden copper blonde
8/32 light golden violet blonde
7/31 golden blue blonde
7/3 golden blonde
6/30 dark golden natural blonde
6/32 dark golden violet blonde
6/34 dark golden copper blonde
5/3 light golden brown
5/34 light golden copper brown
4/30 golden natural brown
3/0 dark natural brown
7/4 copper blonde
5/4 light copper brown
7/64 red copper blonde
5/66 intense red light brown
4/56 mahogany red brown
  • Description

    Rejuvenating Complex

    One of the most noticeable signs of ageing hair is the loss of pigmentation. Evidence suggests that ageing is also accompanied by a reduced production of sebum, leaving hair more brittle, dry, prone to breakage and lacking shine.

    The AGE DENIED Rejuvenating Complex has been crafted with three anti-ageing ingredients known to help combat signs of ageing hair. The shine enhancing pre-blended formula maintains hair’s natural strength, smoothness and resistance to breakage while compensating for the effects of lost melanin.

  • How To Use

    Mix ratio: 1:1

    Processing time: 30 min [up to 40 min on coarse/resistant hair]

    Lift: Up to 3 levels

    Coverage: up to 100%

    Recommended activators:

  • Ingredients

    1 – Apply to the new-growth, beginning at the area with the highest percentage of nonpigmented hair.
    – For long new-growth exceeding 2.5cm/ 1inch, apply the colour 2.5cm/1inch away from the scalp to the midband. Once complete, apply the product to the root area and refresh the ends with your preferred method.
    – For virgin head application, apply the colour 2.5cm/1inch away from the scalp through to the lengths and ends. Once complete, apply the product to the root area.
    2 – Ensure neat and clean application, avoiding overlapping as it may cause banding.
    3 – Begin processing for 30 minutes once the full application is complete (up to 40 minutes for coarse/resistant hair).
    4 – If required, refresh the ends with your preferred method.
    5 – Emulsify, rinse, shampoo and condition with your chosen TIGI range.

    Download the Product Usage Guide to view the full portfolio, usage guildelines and additional inspiration.


  • Fragrance

    Refreshing with Gloss

    As AGE DENIED shades are pre-blended, TIGI recommends using TIGI copyright©olour gloss shades as the preferred method for refreshing.

    Refreshing with AGE DENIED

    Mix AGE DENIED with TIGI copyright©olour activator 5vol/1.5% or 8.5vol/2.55% and apply to the mid-lengths and ends. Process up to the last 5 mins for minimum fade, up to the last 10 mins for moderate/maximum fade.

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