Permanent hair colour creme which has been formulated to be used individually or intermixed to create an endless colour palette. Create a personalised formulation to lighten natural hair up to four levels, darken, and/or change the tone of the hair. Creative can be used to cover up to 100% of non-pigmented hair.

Have the confidence to lighten, cover with multi-dimensional or uniform results, or add vibrancy by using the intense collection.

Designed to be used with all activator strengths to darken, lighten, or remain on the same level. All creative shades are fully intermixable with each other providing endless opportunities for

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Fully intermixable portfolio; creative, gloss, mix master & lift. Over 105 Shades

neutral: 5 shades
/0 natural: 9 shades
/1 blue: 4 shades
/2 violet: 8 shades
/3 gold: 12 shades
/4 copper: 7 shades
/5 mahogany: 2 shades
/6 red: 7 shades
/7 green: 2 shades
/8 ash: 8 shades
  • Description


    The ©ustomised-Colour System (CCS) is engineered with harmonious bases and a single dedicated activator system to allow 100% intermixability across all the gloss, creative, mix master and lift ranges, providing colourists with the flexibility to
    ©ustomise colour for each client.


    The Copyright©are Complex is based on 3 key ingredients: conditioning cetyl alcohol,
    a complementary conditioning compound, and coconut oil and also includes additional
    care ingredients such as Xylitol or Beeswax.

  • How To Use

    Mix ratio: 1:1.5

    Processing time: 35 min [up to 45 min on coarse/resistant hair]

    Lift: Up to 4 levels

    Coverage: up to 100%

    Recommended activators:

  • Ingredients

    Virgin head application

    1 – Mix your chosen creative shade(s) with the relevant activator 5vol/1.5%, 8.5vol/2.55%, 20vol/6%, 30vol/9% or 40vol/12%.
    2 – Apply your chosen product mixture 2.5cm/
    1inch away from the scalp, through to
    the mid-lengths and ends.
    3 – Once complete, immediately apply the remaining product mixture to the root area.
    4 – Process for 35 minutes [up to 45 minutes on coarse, resistant, non-pigmented hair].

    Download the Product Usage Guide to view the full portfolio, usage guidelines and additional inspiration.


  • Fragrance

    Refreshing with Creative

    For instructions to refresh using a gloss shade, see the gloss application section. Notes:
    – Total development time for new growth should be 35 minutes [up to 45 minutes on coarse, resistant, non-pigmented hair].
    – Always refresh mid-lengths and ends using activator 5vol/1.5% or 8.5vol/2.55% mixed in a ratio of 1:1.5.
    – For maximum fade, if going more than 2-3 levels darker, then pre-pigmentation will be required.

When lightening, process the lengths and ends for 20 mins, then mix fresh product and apply to the root area. Process for 35 minutes.

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