High-performance demi-permanent hair colour creme that delivers a tone-on-tone, low commitment colour for your clients.

– Lasts up to 20 shampoos, gradually losing intensity after each shampoo.
– Designed to be used with activator 5vol/1.5%, 8.5vol/2.55% and 20vol/6%. Can be used for darkening the hair, prepigmentation, changing the level, or maintaining the tone; it provides no lift when used with recommended activator 5vol/1.5% or 8.5vol/2.55%, but provides up to 1 level of lift and up to 75% coverage on non-pigmented hair when mixed with 20vol/6%.

A compact range of shades from natural to intense, plus a series of toners, which can all be used alone, or intermixed to customise and create an endless colour palette.

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Fully intermixable portfolio; creative, gloss, mix master & lift. Over 105 Shades

/0 natural: 8 shades
/1 blue: 1 shade
/2 violet: 8 shades
/3 gold: 15 shades
/4 copper: 3 shades
/5 mahogany: 3 shades
/6 red: 4 shades
/7 green: 1 shade
/8 ash: 7 shades
  • Description


    The ©ustomised-Colour System (CCS) is engineered with harmonious bases and a single dedicated activator system to allow 100% intermixability across all the gloss, creative, mix master and lift ranges, providing colourists with the flexibility to
    ©ustomise colour for each client.


    The Copyright©are Complex is based on 3 key ingredients: conditioning cetyl alcohol,
    a complementary conditioning compound, and coconut oil and also includes additional
    care ingredients such as Xylitol or Beeswax.

  • How To Use

    Mix ratio: 1:1.5

    Processing time: Up to 20 min

    Lift: Up to 1 level of lift*

    Coverage: up to 75% blend*

    Recommended activators:

    *when used with 20vol/6% activator.

  • Ingredients

    Virgin head application

    1 – Mix your chosen gloss shade(s) with the relevant activator 5vol/1.5%, 8.5vol/2.55% or 20vol/6%.
    2 – Apply product mixture directly from the roots straight through to the mid-lengths and ends.
    3 – Process for 20 minutes.

    Retouch application

    1 – Mix your chosen Gloss shade(s) with
    activator and apply to the new growth
    area only.
    2 – Once application is complete, process
    for 20 minutes.
    3 – Depending on the level of fade, consider
    the appropriate refreshing application for
    the mid-lengths and ends.
    Note: If new hair growth exceeds 2.5cm/1inch,
    follow relevant virgin head application above.

    Download the Product Usage Guide to view the full portfolio, usage guildelines and additional inspiration.


  • Fragrance

    Refreshing application

    TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss is an excellent
    choice for refreshing:
    – Ammonia-free, deposit only results.
    – Gentler on the hair.
    – Helps maintain vibrancy and provides
    exceptional shine.

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