TIGI Copyright Colour breaks the conventional laws of colouring: allowing colourists to realise their creative vision and celebrate their craft!

Developed in collaboration with the TIGI International Team, launched in 2012, TIGI Copyright Colour ranges five fully intermixable sub-ranges for truly customisable colour results.

Thanks to its innovative approach, TIGI Copyright Colour allows technicians to create any results based on their creative vision: from saturated and natural looking coverage effects, commercial blondes, soft pastels or trending metallic shades with high impact shine, through to vibrant fashion shades.

At TIGI, we believe that a colour range does not need to be extensive, therefore TIGI Copyright Colour was created to be a compact portfolio that is both creative and practical, allowing our salon partners to maximise their creativity and optimise their business.

That is why we provide salons with 125 core shades across permanent, ammonia-free, high lift and pure tone mixers, addressing the broad colour needs of every salon. Our goal is to empower salons with a small and agile range that allows freeing up cash from stock holding and investing it in other parts of the salon business to accelerate every salon’s success.

“The best shades are the ones you invent. Colour is one of the most stimulating and vital aspects of fashion. It enhances a person’s image, evokes mood and feelings, serving as an extension of your personality.TIGI Copyright Colour provides the tools that enable the colourist to push their creativity, develop techniques and provide the ultimate customised colour service.”

Christel Lundqvist – TIGI Global Technical Director & Founder of STIL.

TIGI Copyright believes in personalised services to suit individual client needs. That is why, we have created a designated consultation model to help hairdressers craft bespoke care and colour services through Creative Consultation.


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