The Power of Transformation | Andrew and Maria

TIGI Copyright believes in the power of transformation – not just for your hair, but in yourself. In our first You Can Always Start Over story, we meet Mariana – a transgender community leader who describes her amazing, personal journey while experiencing a hair transformation with celebrity stylist, Andrew Fitzsimons (@andrewfitzsimons).

Mariana has faced many starting over experiences and now commits her time to helping others start over by managing the Trans Wellness Center of Los Angeles – an organization that provides comprehensive resources and services for transgender and non-binary people, and is a cause near and dear to both Mariana and Andrew’s heart.

Andrew – who is no stranger to beauty transformations – sought to bring out Mariana’s inner glow that had been forgotten, as she devotes all her time and love to helping those in need. “There’s some people that you meet,” he said, “and you just will never forget, Mariana is one of those people. When someone has a giving spirit, their mind doesn’t stop working. They’re always thinking about everyone else. So to be able to have just one day where she can sit down and I’m able to say thank you, I see everything that you’re doing; that’s been the most incredible thing about this whole process.”

For Mariana’s transformation, Andrew & Renee Valerie, US technical education director for TIGI, consulted on a chestnut & terracotta colour palette meant to complement her skin tone and complexion, and liven her hair up to match her personality:

  • (Base) 50g gloss 5/4 + 10g gloss 5/0 + 90g 8.5 vol. activator
  • (Sides) Balayage using True Light Freestyle Blonder + 30 vol. activator
  • (Top Triangle)  True Light White + 20 vol. activator
  • (Toning) 100g gloss 7/4 + 30g gloss 7/44 + 15g gloss 8/34 + 5g mix master /33

Andrew then used Copyright care and styling products for a sophisticated, glamorous yet playful finish!

  1. CARE: Custom Care Repair Shampoo & Conditioner
  2. REPAIR: SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment & Shine + Smooth Boosters
  3. PREP: Heat Protection Spray
  4. CREATE: Volume Lift Styling Spray
  5. FINISH: Volume Finishing Spray

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